You know you’ve been WKing when


Went to like a family member’s photo on facebook. Thought “damn, I’m all out of likes though”.

okay so this is more of a “you know you’ve been on the forums too much” thing whatever you can’t tell me what to do


Just saw this on Facebook. Immediately thought of Wanikani.


You know you‘ve been WKing when you are glad to have seen the Star Wars movies - not because they were so good (that‘s disputable), but because you can now understand all those references in the mnemonics.


When you’re reading learning material written all in Hiragana and are thinking, "This would be a whole lot easier to understand if it were written with Kanji.


I had this exact thing happen to me today. Was reading a transcript in romaji and wanting the Kanji!


…when I type ‘w’ or ‘c’ in my browser’s address bar and it knows exactly where I’m going.


You’re watching Football, and your mind starts seeing Kanji in the yellow lines the announcers are drawing on the T.V.


The other day I was having an english text conversation about nonnative speakers and “nonnnative” came out.


When you’re typing in english and you try to write ‘shi’, ‘tsu’, or ‘chi’ as ‘si’, ‘tu’, or ‘ti’.


Or you double tap n so much that you accidentally do it for the English meaning.


Not exactly WK, but there are times when I turn on the RikaiChamp plug-in for English words which I don’t know the meaning of…


this was probably the first item I added a custom synonym on


you turn off autocomplete/autocorrect on your phone


Well, don’t know about WK, but you’ve certainly been on this forum too much if the word “POLL” has an entirely new meaning for you. You might love it, or you might hate it, or you might be extremely annoyed by it, but the important thing is - this word is no longer a neutral word for you :sweat_smile:


You wonder whether that Spanish word might have a different meaning that the one you know: " maybe it uses a different kanji?"

Legit happened to me a while ago. Wondering if Juan Mata’s last name maybe means something different from ‘he kills’


There are just enough chinese where the hanzi/kanji overlap with japanese to be maddeningly tantalizing and ultimately frustrating.


“Non Wanikani Day”


When you’re listening to like a Vocaloid song while staring at the subs and are like WHAT CRAP OMG THATS 子 OMG I SAW YOU 人 I SAW YOU YOU SNEAKY PERSON YOU!

And that seems to be the entirety of your reactions.


I just don’t have to specially wake up to ensure my leveling speed stays at 7 days. Still do reviews etc. during the day.


I can’t even tell you how many words/kanji for “plan” I’ve learned already. One problem I’ve noticed with WK is that when there are a lot of similar words that we have different/more specific names for in English, WK just uses the same blanket word for every vocabulary lesson… Instead of teaching us “plan”, “schedule”, “scheme”, “blueprints”, “intention”, it’s just “plan”, “plan”, “plan”, “plan”, “plan”… WTF WK?