You know you’ve been WKing when


This isn’t specifically about WaniKani, but you know you’ve been reading too much Japanese when you read this
as “royo” and try really hard to figure out what that means until you realize it’s just “03”. (To be fair, this was in a Japanese-language manga…)


When you’re an engineer … at work, minding your own business…go to check some vendor documents and come across an MTR (Material Test Report) with Kanji … get really excited and spend more time looking at the Kanji than the engineering data on the document :rofl:


Too much WKing when I dream about writing kanji on cases of Coke.


Learned a little more about this. An italki language partner was confused…I might not have mentioned the testing was done in China :smirk: In any case the kanji still made sense if you know what normalized and tempered plate is :wink:

The reason I wanted update is because this guy is so awesome he looked up the Japanese words for me. I thought I’d share them. I don’t know the kanji yet but heck for those level 60s or people that are technical folks it might be interesting.

Normalize 焼き成らし (やきならし)
Temper 焼き戻し (やきもどし)

Enjoy!..and now back to the regularly scheduled WK reviews


When you realize where “tomoshimasu” comes from and you can’t contain the excitement! :crazy_face:
As much as I hate my cr@ppy memory, 漢字が好きです!



I fully admit that I have done reviews between turns at the table.


and 申し申し as well as 申し訳ございません (I’m sorry, no excuses)

All very useful phrases.


I find myself getting irrationally angry at The Youth, even though I’m still in my 30s. They go out late, they hide on the other side of your narwhal, stealing your stuff…


Seeing a word from a mnemonic makes you think of the related kanji(s)


…you start double-tapping the ‘n’ button, even if you’re not trying to type in Japanese.

or rather, you start double-tappinng the ‘nn’ buttonn evenn if you’re nnot tryinng to type inn Japannese…


When you are speaking Japanese and you realize that you have about 3 words in a sentence you want to use, but because you can only READ them rather than RECITE them from memory, you beat yourself up for not remembering words you’ve reached “Enlightenment” with.


Someone says ‘Don’t panic’ and all you can think of are durtles, 42 and your review pile.


… when you spend 30 minutes reading all this thread and nodding at most of them.
… when you try to explain to everyone (including your mother) the difference between on’yomi and kun’yomi.


…when you see the “valid on weekday” road sign

and think “this must be a road for fathers”…


You think…wouldn’t it just be easier to have a kanji character like this:


hehe :wink:


The funny thing is it actually does :stuck_out_tongue:


Aah interesting! Thanks for linking!


How do you read it then?


That’s a really bad 父 joke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know I’ve been WKing when I fell off studying 3 years ago, still read Japanese sometimes, have always retained interest, and decide to reset myself 20 levels back to start properly learning again. I am excited to get back to level 23 several months from now and remember that I fell off of studying due to hundreds and hundreds of reviews and doing bad naughty things like cheat APIs.

Definitely staying far away from any code that touches lessons or reviews in any way, I wish I never found their existence. I would have leveled up much slower, but I probably wouldn’t have given up due to my gross misuse of them.