You know you’ve been WKing when


It’s not very different here in the netherlands (though not as prominently as in Japan, I guess). Usually we do put our name next to our doorbell, and/or on the letter box.


You know you’re been WKing when . . .

You’re on a date and excuse yourself to the restroom to do reviews.

. . . “This conversation is reallllly interesting, but I . . . ano . . . brb. . .”


That’s an interesting technique. I will try to remember it ha ha


Day one: You take a break from a date to do a review.

Day twenty: You do reviews during the date, at the restaurant table (or similar).

Day fourty: You take breaks from non-stop reviews to go on dates.

Day sixty: You avoid all dates just so you have more time to do more reviews.

Day eighty: You date reviews.


I must be somewhere around day thirty on the timeline, then. :smile:

Not at dinner when I’m supposed to be enjoying the company. But I have done reviews while we’re watching TV together, and I have gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to burn out a dozen or so.


Literally the only two things I won’t stop to do reviews is sitting in a movie theater and running D&D.
And that’s only becauae I’m the DM. If I was a player I’d totally do it at the table.


You check your review timeline before making plans with anyone and politely decline when 4-hour/8-hour reviews or level-ups are gonna happen.


You can solve that by just never having plans.


…when you get more ice for your drink at a restaurant and you find yourself saying “I’m lacking ice…Thank you, Jesus for the ice!”


When you have a day off and absolutely nothing to do and every time the clock even so much as strikes a complete hour you log back into wanikani to do your six reviews.


You can easily lift furniture with your bare fingers due to the sheer amount of typing you do everyday


So you’re telling me that you log OUT of WK? pfffft newbies :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


When you decide to visit the forums instead of studying for a final university math exam and find this thread, then reach the post I’m replying to; then after a while you return to earth just to find out your brain has been inventing new (hilarious) words combining the words there and items you’ve learnt on wanikani like: じてん+者="know-it-all person" (sabelotodo in Spanish) which coincidentially sounds the same as 自転車 (a bike), and by your brain logic you deduce that a bike equals a “know-it-all” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: … and finally you make a sentence with those words and the grammar you’ve learnt on bunpro for no apparent reason: 自転車で来ましたじてん者がもう帰りました。


I wouldn’t dare! I meant opening the browser. Am I cool again now? :sob:


You mean you close the browser that WK is opened on? Cool people never dare to close it. What would happen if suddenly Koichi were to come see you and saw that your WK is not open?


Nah I just switch tabs. I would never dare to disgrace the great koichi like that.


First tab on my browser is permanently on wanikani. plus there’s a button to go straight to the reviews. Isn’t that normal for everyone?


Yes it is. It’s the basic minimum for every good cultist. Less than that and our lord and savior will be disapoitned.

Next steps are:

  • Have a notification on your phone that make sound each time you have a reiew.
  • Have a WaniKani autel in your house.
  • Praying every hour to have good reviews.
  • Having nighmare of missing reviews.
  • Burning kanji on tutle shell then try to convince everyone that your god told you to do so.(Then just look at their face to see their reactions)


lmaoo I was more than halfway through before I made the connection that ライター means “lighter” and not “writer” :sweat_smile:


When you find certain irony when burning 焦げる and similar words