You know you’ve been WKing when


Whenn you start typing nn’s twice


:joy: true


You dream of durtle riddles at night.


you drive past Burger King and see the kanji for king in your head.


…you sweat BULLETS on a Kanji review when you’re at like 87% total and about to level…

…you hear a stranger say ANYTHING about Japan/Japanese and you want to explode your wealth of knowledge and passion on them…


When you’ve been hearing a particular word in conversation often then encounter it on WK
“Finally I can understand what it means”


…When at lvl 3 you already have nightmares of having thousands of reviews…


I just had this happen with 感じ, cuz yknow… 漢字>.>


I relate to this too much. When I’m on the phone with my gf I’ll ask her to text me a word that she just said so I can see the kanji. Happened last night with 協力, I thought she said 強力.

Japanese is weird.


The homonyms :sob:


…you eagerly point out every kanji you recognise to your company, no matter whether they’re interested or not
…you hear a word in your first language (or one you speak well), and you are like “I know the kanji for that!”
…you are convinced that ‘mastering something’ means only being halfway there - after all, burning is where it’s at!
…you expect こういちs to pop up everywhere


Having to constantly resist the urge to “simplify” your filing system because it would make it useless to anyone else but Wanikanians and Natives.


For you “sushi” means “numeral”.


know I’ve been Wanikani-ing when I see kanji in anime and music videos and can read them it’s awesome! I’ve even set my パソコン to 日本語 and can read a lot of it!


but you just remember 事


…when you’re so sick of Mrs. Chou. Why is she everywhere.


Shhh… If she hears you, she will place nails under your car tires and throw a dead bird inside it.


Oh, how many times… Or you see something written in japanese and tell someone what its reads I always get: “…yeah sure…”


You see surnames written in kanji and you tell people what they mean e.g. Tanaka : middle of a rice paddy. To be fair, I do this with names in other languages as well… Cooper : barrel maker, Schwarzenegger: black plowman etc.


Hahaha I love how Japanese tend to put their names on their houses or letterboxes, it’s good kanji practise just to walk around and try to read their names.