You know there will be no sleep for the next 30 minutes when

65 reviews pop up right as you want to sleep but it makes you OCD and they must be done even on a work night. Is it only me? :thinking::joy:


No, this happens to me also. The worse part is when I get up in the morning to a giant pile of reviews and want to do them in the first 15-20 minutes when I get up (when I am basically a zombie).


I often check my review forecast, so Iā€™m never surprised by 65 reviews.




Yes and if Iā€™m tired as in first thing I mess them up :pensive:

Oh, I will definitely do that as well. But the other way of looking at it is it lets you see what you have truly internalized.

I tried to do that a few times but my accuracy always suffered horribly so I never do reviews before bed anymore.

Edit: to clarify. My accuracy on that review session was fine. But I would completely blank on any apprentice items that came up again the next day.

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