You can stick with old mnemonics but everyone has to learn new radicals?

It seems like Tofugu has a half-baked approach to letting users stick with the old mnemonics.

Sure, if you check the right checkbox you’ll always see the old mnemonics… but WK is still going to teach you new radicals, which you’ll then never use when learning kanji?

And if you haven’t already learned ALL old radicals which have new replacements then you’ll NEVER be taught those old radicals? So when you see the old mnemonic for a kanji you’re learning for the first time and it references an old radical that you never got exposed to you’ll be completely lost?

Or maybe I’ve just overlooked the setting to use OLD RADICALS in addition to OLD MNEMONICS?


What you’re requesting would also require that the entire order of the site be flexible to the old order…

The old mnemonics are there for people who want to be able to refer to them, so it’s an extra option that yes, you have to expend more effort to use, but the default way of learning characters is the new system.

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You will use them unless they were only used in kanji below your current level. The new radicals are actually new, so everyone gets them.

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