You can now fix WaniKani Review Order by editing the script yourself

edit: this fix deserves its own thread:

Ikalou said…
It seems to be a real pain to maintain a queue of size one with the new system.

Now if you really want ‘Single Mode’ for the time being,  there is one thing you can do:

On Firefox: Add-ons > User Scripts > Winikani Review Order > Settings > Edit this User Script. Change the following:

function reorderSingle(){
    //Reordering method following the 1 activeQueue list, that makes both reading/meaning coming in pairs.
    //method = “SINGLE”;
    unsafeWindow.Math.random = function() { return 0;  }

TamperMonkey users on Chrome want to drop the ‘unsafeWindow.’ from the
above line. unsafeWindow is used to break out of GreaseMonkey’s sandbox.

Or alternatively just type Math.random = function() { return 0;  } in the javascript console during a review.

like a charm in Firefox. Everytime wanikani will draw a number to
choose the next item it will be provided with 0 (the first one).

EDIT: clarifying.

Someone in the thread posted a fix for it. I think it was just one line that was broken.

can I combine this script with

WK Customizer?

or will they mess with each other?

edit: oh… it is only for chrome and safari :cry:

is there a way to get lesson  sorting on firefox?

SamusAranX said... is there a way to get lesson  sorting on firefox?

 Like this?