Yello Boys and Girls

Hi Guys, AnimeMAN here!

Started learning japanese a week ago in order to read manga/LNs, and understand anime w/o subs. Finished kanas and hit a wall when faced with kanji. Hope to overcome this wall with wanikani and all of your help. I look forward to having mutually beneficial exchanges with the community.

At least your username is not gender-specific :joy:.
Welcome :slight_smile:.

And welcome to every beginner’s life :smile:.

It’ll most likely get you there :+1:.

Good luck!

Help me out here m8, How do I say Hi on community chat? cant seem to get that off the checklist XD

Am I on the wrong chat?

Btw, Thanks for all the help and encouragement

You did. It just doesn’t sync perfectly with the main website.

ah ty. Hey Leebo, quick (and cheeky) question, How long did it take u to reach lvl 60?

I believe when you get to lv2, the checklist will disappear whether you post anything or not.

1.5 year to lv60.

1 year and 38 days.

nice, thanks soo much, so im guessing its slow early on and gets quicker. Anyway, knowing that people on this site have learnt kanji in 1-1.5 years is really reassuring. Thanks a ton guys

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