Wrong usage of Electronvolts

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physics ug here. For the word electron 電子 you have an example sentence: 「ティラノサウルスは、1万電子ボルトの衝撃を受けた」. I was confused when I read it: First of all, Electronvolts is a unit to measure energy, not voltage or anything related to electromagnetism. Secondly, Electronvolts are a very small Unit used in Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics as Jules are simply too big when talking about individual particles. i.e. 1J = 6,242*10^18 eV.
I understand its supposed to be a reference to Jurassic Park, but this is just nonsensical.

Please fix,

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Next you’re going to tell me that there’s no such thing as boob graves.


no. no one is going to acquire misknowledge because of that

The word shock in the translation is maybe misleading, 衝撃 can also be impact, so the Tyrannosaurus Rex was hit by something with 10keV, a few photons from the sun maybe?

Or Geoducks… or the Chinese…

Perhaps that irritation you feel is helping to cement the meaning of the word better in your mind. :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, it does kinda feel a bit dumb to shoehorn “electron” into that sentence purely to act as an example for the usage of the word when just plain “volts” is more correct.

Though personally it bugs me more that he introduces 易 as a radical called “gravity”, but then literally every example he gives of the radical looks like 昜 - i.e. with an extra horizontal stroke between the sun and the wing.

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physics here.

Oh hey, nice to meet you physics. History here, let me know if you need anything.


I know right, this is so frustrating. Koichi should really hire someone who is proficient in physics to check that these sentences are accurate cough just drop me an email.

wtf, I hand’t noticed that. I thought the radical was 昜 :open_mouth:

@sirati97 send them an email @ hello@wanikani.com :slight_smile:

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