Wrong radical decomposition ? Wheat kanji

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I don’t understand the radical decompositon for the “wheat” kanji (level 5). I don’t see at all the “life” radical i the kanji.

It it just me, or is it wrong ?

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Sometimes there just aren’t any radicals that fit the kanji perfectly, so they use something somewhat close. Although, in this case, it would have been possible to use 亠 and 土 instead. Not sure if that would have been easier to recognize though.


There’s leeway with the shape of radicals.


They do admit it in the meaning mnemonic though:


Good point, which I missed.

The original oracle bone script version of 青, which is where this element came from, is 生 plus 丹, simplified to 青 in modern script.

So it was indeed originally a 生

It makes sense with wheat, since 生 was often used to represent plant life.


That’s good to know - thank you for the info

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