Wrong progress report in levels

HI, I don’t know wheater this is a bug or not, but I’ve just turned to lv 22 and still haven’t taken this level lessons, but I already get lv 22 radicals, kanjis and vocabs as started,
Any idea?



That page shows what you have unlocked as lessons, not which lessons you have actually done. :slight_smile:


Quite annoying btw, nowhere to see which items were done as lessons (okay there’s wkstats v2 but still), and I’d like to see such items rather than those to be expected in lessons.

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Can’t you fix it - with science?


It’s a valid complaint - it’s just that I’ve been playing 逆転検事2


So there is no way to check what items I actually already studied per level?

Not in vanilla WK, unfortunately.

As @origad says, you can use the third party site https://www.wkstats.com:10001/progress/dashboard

Make sure to use API v2, and not v1.

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And there are some scripts that will let you keep track of them on your dashboard

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