Wrong date on burned list

I just burned my first items today (yay) and the date showing on them is incorrect. It is currently 10:17pm EST on Oct 30 yet the items are showing up burned on Oct 31. Is it possible this list is using UTC to display items? It’s not the end of the world, just kind of odd to have stuff show up as happening in the future.

If you hover over the dates you’ll get the exact timestamp. What do you see? The date displayed visually is based on your device’s system clock timezone. Looks like you are located in EDT?

Hey @viet, nothing shows up when I hover over the item (the cursor turns into a question mark), but when I inspect the HTML, for the “stick” radical I see

<time datetime="2017-10-31 01:40:51 UTC">Oct 31</time>. I am located in EDT.

I don’t see anywhere to add my timezone (EDT) in my profile. Is it being detected through the browser? (I’m also a software developer so you can ask me more technical details if you need).

Thanks for the info.

We use a javascript plugin which takes in the datetime attribute and displays the text datetime based on the user’s system clock. Based on the datetime you shared, it should be displaying Oct 30. We’ll have to take a poke at it.

One last thing which might be of interest: the date shows as Oct 31 on both my iPad and my desktop computer (Firefox on Ubuntu).

Hovering to show the full date hasn’t worked for months.

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