Wrong answer considered correct

The following answer is incorrect I think:

It does not mean Northeast / North East. It means Tohoku. Northeast is 北東.

Since I cannot fix this with synonyms I wanted to discuss it here.

Unless I am mistaken and you can use 東北 like “There’s a temple to the northeast of here”. But I didn’t think so.

What do you think?

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So, what is the difference between 北東 and 東北 then? And why does it say my answer is “off” then?

東北 as north-east feels weird to me. It’s 東北地方 after all. The English translation seems to be based off that, but I might be wrong.

東北 does mean “northeast” and is a synonym for 北東, though it’s also an abbreviation of 東北地方. One of the hidden synonyms for it on WK is “northeast,” which is why you spelling it as two words was counted as a little bit off—it falls within typo allowance of that accepted answer.

Here’s how Goo defines it:

The first definition is “the direction between east and north,” and then it’s additionally defined as 北東 and うしとら, which are both words meaning “northeast.” The second definition is its use as an abbreviation for “Touhoku Region.”