Writing practice extension ideas (or help me find one that does this)

So, I would like to be able to grab example sentences from a random item and then display them with the keyword written in hiragana, so that I can look at the word in context and practice writing it.

For instance, the extension pulls up this sentence and indicates the keyword in some way (here, I bolded it). Then the user can look at the word in context and practice writing it in their preferred way (notepad, tablet, giant calligraphy paper, etc). Then clicking a button converts the keyword back into kanji so they can check their answer.


Answer: 人工

Of course, other options, such as limiting the items selected to certain levels, or status (burned, more than 2 weeks until next review, etc) would be cool extra things to have.

I have no extension making experience, so I have no idea how difficult of an idea this is.

Or possibly, something like this already exists and I just didn’t notice.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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I don’t know of an extension like that, but I don’t think it is hard to implement.

One issue is that the example sentences are not available in the API, so the extension would have to fetch the 人工 page in the background and extract the information (not that hard), or even do that in advance.

The larger part would be a nice way to display the questions and change the settings, I would say the best way would be to get this somehow into the self-study quiz from @rfindley, it already has everything except for the sentences as questions.

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This is a great idea. I’ll play this “game” if it exists. 残念 up to now, it doesn’t. I imagine having looked at kana on my computer, I write the answer on a piece of paper, then I use my phone to photo/scan my writing on paper, and the app on my computer will give me green/correct, or red/wrong.