Writing Practice book wanted!

Hi everyone!
As I passed level 10, I started noticing more and more Kanji are very similar to each other, and so I’ve decided to start writing them out from memory. Problem is, I hate just writing them over and over again. Does anyone know any good textbook to exercise writing kanji, rather than multiple choices quizzes? Could be for learners or for native kids, I don’t really mind as long as it more or less follow a similar order to WK. Thanks!

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I don’t know any exercise books, but the Android app Japanese Kanji Tree has kanji writing practise as well. ^^

Maybe you could try the Kanji look and learn workbook. It contains 512 Kanji, lots of practice and also texts to read and do exercises with that get harder the further you get.

You can look up PDFs of kanji drills online and print them out, that’s what I did at some point years ago. Example: 漢字ドリル pdf - Google Search

Another option is you can use this site to generate practice sheets that you can print out: Kanji Sheets and you can have it sync with your wanikani level to have access to only the kanji you already learned in wanikani.


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I’ve been using this to practice writing, It’s pretty much a SRS system for writing. You’ve got multiple options on which order to study, including Wanikani’s order.

Ringotan - Free app for learning how to WRITE kanji


I just came across this website with loads of free kanji worksheets.


Here’s a post I made a while back with a bunch of writing resources, including resources for native speakers:

The site mentioned by @Phryne is also mentioned. The main advantage of that site is that there are worksheets that line up with the order in which kanji are presented on WK. The slight downside is that those characters, while neat and pleasant to look at, are not really in line with traditional calligraphic aesthetics. It’s up to each learner to decide if such aesthetics are a priority, however.