Write-In Poll: Following Tofugu's Ridiculously Detailed Guide - (Starting Genki I at WK Level 10)

This is basically to poll people’s pacing on Genki I who started it at WK Level 10 (following the Ridiculously Detailed Guide to a T). How long did it take you to finish Genki?

Thanks all!


Why don’t you… you know… make an actual poll?


I’m not gonna limit people’s answers to an actual poll. That’s why the word “basically” is in that sentence.

Hi! Short answer, five months. I got through the first half in about three weeks and have spent the rest of the time consolidating.

Long answer…

I’ve been following the Tofugu guide since March. I started WaniKani in April and got to level 10 sometime in June. I started Genki as soon as I finished level 10 and got through the first 3 chapters really quickly. At the same time, I realized there was a paper back in my home country that I could do extramurally, which uses Genki as a text book. I’d missed the first half-year course, so I applied to do the second half-year course, which was starting in July.

I had to sit a placement test so I crammed the first 5 chapters of Genki in two weeks. I also needed to learn how to write hiragana and katakana and some elementary kanji instead of just being able to recognize the characters. I went a bit fast and didn’t do it very thoroughly, but I managed to get into the course.

I’m now spending two weeks on each chapter. This has been great for me as it’s helping strengthen the grammar points I sped through in July. I’ve discovered that you miss a lot if you don’t do all the exercises in both the textbook and the workbook. I’m up to Chapter 11 and will have finished Genki I by November.

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Ok, the article incipit captured my attention by claiming to be a paved road to up to fluency, but its ends with a teaser for a forthcoming guide for the intermediate level (and up).

What is the ETA ? :slight_smile:


Thanks for your story! 5 chapters in 2 weeks plus hiragana and katakana learning sounds intense haha. Especially when you compare it to the 2 weeks you are spending on each lesson after the cram session. Do you think you could go at a faster pace? Are you planning to to take the N5 in December? How many hours a day do you actually work on Genki stuff?

I haven’t reached 10 yet, but I’ve started Genki (on lesson 5) and am hitting a vocabulary learning curve. I feel like I could just struggle through Genki and spend more time learning the vocab. However, I kind of just want to see if I can sprint through it once I catch up with WaniKani. I’ve been doing a chapter a week and now I just want to stop for a bit and let myself catch up with Wani Kani.

I would have liked to follow the Tofugu guide exactly but I set the N5 as a deadline for myself and I’m worried about not getting through it in time.

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