Wouldn't it be great if we could flip the cards?

I’m not sure how difficult this would be or if it could be implemented in a fashion where users can turn it off if they’d like…perhaps similar to KaniWani.

I use KaniWani but kind of stopped since I want to use one website. I’m thinking about going back to Anki and just making a list of vocabulary words but it seems like that will take an ungodly amount of time.

Anything you guys use/do to work on increasing spoken confidence/production? (Other than drinking, I cannot drink).

Im using KameSame which works well, but I do agree wanikani should also test for recall on vocab.
Honestly I hope that wanikani moves to be a platform that is a all in one solution that also uses SRS with grammar, and listening practice. I dont think there are any plans for that but I think they would make more money that way.


I agree! I am currently switching between WaniKani, Anki for my TextFugu cards (and some vocab from Tae Kim’s guide, WK x JLPT sentences, cards for the other languages I am learning atm), KameSame for English → Japanese, FloFlo for the few books I am going to attempt reading soon… It’s a bit of a pain and would be cool if most of it could be in one place. Of course, I understand this wish is a bit unrealistic, but… would be cool.

also TextFugu getting ahead of WK with some kanji and radicals (and using different names/readings for a few) is a bit weird sometimes, uh

I’ve thought about that some, but I also thought about it from a business sense perspective, as if I’m Koichi and crew. Doing that would either:

  • Add more workload of reviews, doing the extra reverse cards. People already sometimes complain about the workload (when they’re not new and complaining about how slow it is :smile:)
  • If workload is held low, speed would suffer. People already complain about speed (when they’re not complaining about workload)

It’s a subjective choice, and I think they’ve chosen a balance point that works pretty well. KaniWani/KameSame pick up the gap for people who want that without forcing it on everyone else.

Look at the bright side, it gives us something to complain about either way (when we’re not complaining about the radicals)


If the goal is to read and comprehend, WK’s way of doing this is sufficient. If you want to be able to produce it, you could actually just write, or do one of those other sites, but it’s out of scope for WK.
Personally I think it’s good, because comprehension comes before production.

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