Would it be a bad idea to sit on a level for awhile?

I’ve settled into a cycle of having a catchup level every 5 levels: 26, 31, 36, 41, etc.

For example, I’ve been on Level 41 since last week, but I didn’t actually start lessons on that level until today.


I think you have to start reading while you’re doing WK to keep the retention.


Also Reply to @ShotgunLagoon

Yes, I am aware that reading while doing WK would be beneficial. It shouldn’t be long anymore until I’ll be at level 60. Then I’ll start reading.

However we don’t know if OP is only studying WK and does no reading or also manages to read outside of WK. Therefore I just wanted to share the problems I am encountering now, because I took too long breaks.


After progressing at a fairly steady pace of 12-15 days through level 20, I am parking on Level 21 for a while. I have been on level 21 for 20 days now and have not started any kanji lessons yet. The review queue was overwhelming due to the number of mistakes I was making. Especially when I get 40-50 coming in after 8 pm. I just get stupid at night, I guess. Leaving those late-arriving items til the morning, in addition to everything that would hatch overnight, was also sucking my soul. So I have also been using vacation mode to keep the number of reviews in a day to a level is not demoralizing. Not worried about disrupting the SRS, it’s clearly a mess anyhow. Guru is presently at 585 with 200 leeches. Once it’s below 500 I’ll see how I feel about moving ahead. I’m using the time gained to do some reading and grammar work. So far, I think parking has been a good thing.

It would be VERY bad. So so bad.

nah, just kidding, there is no right or wrong way to learn Japanese, just make sure that you do something every day. 1 review, or one 1 lesson. Don’t like the wanikani habit disappear.

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It’s not so much about levels, per se. It’s more about how much of a daily review load you are comfortable handling.

For example, because I had already done some studying before joining WK, I was able to sprint through the first 15 to 20-ish levels at maximum speed, with little trouble in terms of daily workload. But when I started to get to around level 20, the new items were unfamiliar enough – and the older items started coming back for Burn reviews – that the daily workload started to get pretty stressful.

So, yeah, I did exactly what you’re suggesting: I slowed right down, only doing new lessons when a the current day’s reviews seemed fewer than I was able to handle; otherwise just doing reviews with no lessons when the reviews were more than I could handle.

In fact, I’ve been sitting on level 26 for about a month now, waiting until my daily reviews have simmered down to a much more manageable level. Only in the last week or so have I finally worked through the level 26 radicals and kanji. I imagine that when level 27 rolls around, I’ll still be working through the level 26 vocab. And I’m totally okay with that.

But, as I’m trying to say, it’s more about the daily workload than it is about ‘sitting on’ a particular level. I don’t think you need to arbitrarily pick ‘level 10’ or ‘every ten levels’ to ‘sit on’. Just proceed normally, day by day, and if the workload gets too high, too uncomfortable, just slow down on doing lessons. And if the workload is too sparse, and you can handle more, then do some lessons to fill in those gaps. That’s how I’m doing things currently, and it seems to be working pretty well for me. Just my opinion. :blush:


Been doing WK for almost a year and only on level 9. Nothing wrong with pacing yourself.


i sat on lvl 18 for a month, to completely eliminate all apprentice and guru items. the reduced work load will energize me and allow me to progress painlessly.

what’s right or wrong seemed to coincidence with my gut feeling during most of my learning journey. give it a try and see if it has an effect. maybe your subconscious mind has a good idea how much you can take in before you have to consolidate.


I think I get where you are coming from. At some point I noticed that my kanji knowledge has overtaken my grammar by far. That was when I stopped lessons on WK and studied grammar to pass JLPT N4. However after that I started preparing for my state examination in law and never really picked WK up again. I think I sat on one level for roughly 200 days. And the other levels were always a month or two on average. And now that I’m almost at 60 I found the motivation to speed up with WK in my free time.

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