Would anyone be interested in reading やがて君になる?

that sounds good to me! I’m happy to re-read things to get a better understanding (I have a bad habit of rushing through sometimes)

yeah that’d work great, do you know what kind of weekly schedule or pace you’ll be shooting for yet?

I’m not quite sure yet, I want to see the mangae first. What would you be comfortable with?

Sorry for late reply, I’m planning to go with the first two volumes, but eventually with the whole series, I’ll see how much time I’ll have on my hands.

Staring mid March is fine by me, though I’m shooting for a slower pace with reading. If you put out a couple of options, I’m down with going slow, since I’m relatively noobish compared to others.

Oh, I’m actually reading this right now, so a book club could be fun. That being said I have a 0% completion history with WK book groups.

I’m also going for a slower pace, like glacial slower. :smiley:

We can see how it goes, I’m not sure how long the chapters are, but we can even break them up if we think they are too long.

:smiley: Maybe this could be your first one? How are you finding it, difficulty-wise?

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Well, I’m only on page 15, but I think it’s not too bad. There aren’t a ton of words I’ve needed to look up so it’s been fun to read so far.

(I also have 2 volumes of 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? if anyone’s interested in that one! But I’m expecting that will have more specialized language so it’ll probably be harder - haven’t read it in Japanese yet.)

Just saying that the first volume was delivered to me today, so I’m ready to start whenever you all are! Also came with a little free Japanese writing practise notebook which was pretty cool lol

Are you gonna be putting this on the book club main post? More people might see it then

If this book club is still happening, then I’d love to join in. @IntrepidFox have you started a poll for reading pace yet?

I’m still waiting for mine, it’s been stuck in Germany for almost a week now with DHL. Hopefully, it will arrive soon…

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It is happening, I’m waiting for my copy to arrive. I haven’t done a poll yet, but guess I should start getting things organised. I have never done a book club before, so also have to get the grips with the usual format etc.

@APerson962 about the book club front page. yes, why not, maybe we will have other people joining in too.

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Sorry that took longer than expected. I just ordered the first volume finally, It should arrive early next week. :wink:

Mine is still floating around somewhere in DHL warehouses, so we might get them around the same time…

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At what pace shall we read the book?
  • 1 chapter a week
  • 1 chapter every 2 weeks
  • Other, please specify

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Ok, so my copy arrived. I had a quick flick through and mostly it seems ok (having said that there are a few pages where I basically only understand 2 words).

I have a few insane workdays next week and some people are still waiting for the book to arrive etc., so I suggest a start date of 15 March. Would this work for everyone? I can also put together a Google sheet for vocabulary that we could maybe start filling in as we are going along as with the other book clubs.


Looks good to me!

The manga (only volume 1 I think?) is already on Koohi.cafe. A vocabulary list would be handy for the whole series though, I can help.

Pace poll

I’m gonna mark two options because I don’t mind either one or two weeks, but if it’s a problem I’ll change it later. It marks only 300 unknown words on Koohi for me but I’m sure it’s less, because I’ve barely used it and there are a lot of words that I haven’t marked as known yet. That’s why I would go with one week, but if two weeks is best for everyone I don’t mind at all :slight_smile: .

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WHYYYYYYY did I not know about this before??? Thanks, this is amazing!
Yes, we can definitely do the rest of the series.

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No worries :slight_smile: . I assumed you were aware of it, my bad! I might as well also link WK’s Koohi thread while I’m at it, just in case it’s helpful.


Just replying to say that I’m interested. I already have the series but I haven’t touched it yet. I can go whatever pace you guys want.

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