Would 段 be the right counter for wanikani levels?


Counters are often confusing, and this seems to go against the way 段 is used in martial arts, go, etc where it can take years of study before you become ー段. 級 seems like it might be more appropriate, but it is usually used in the opposite direction with higher numbers being lower ranks.

Since WK uses “level” I think レベル would be fine.

For actual textbooks and lessons, usually they are broken up by 課. That’s the typical counter for a lesson that would cover what WK usually covers in one level. Someone who is unfamiliar with WK would more immediately recognize that as a unit of teaching material than 段 or 級. But I still think レベル is probably best.


Sort of makes sense, but don’t you still need a counter when using レベル? Something like 「三段レベル」

I would just say レベル3.

Like a Pokemon or something. WK is trying to evoke a gamified atmosphere as it is.


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