Worst Leeches List hardly visible

I really don’t know what got into my WaniKani lately.

In addition to a problem, that the Lattice for Vocabs gives me a time out, my list of worst leeches is displayed nearly unreadable in grey.
I already installed Chrome completely new because I thought it might be a problem of Chrome, but that didn’t do anything.
Any ideas?

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I have the same problem :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon you’re talking not about WaniKani itself, but this user script? That’s a problem the author of that user script would need to fix, not the WaniKani staff. But the script doesn’t seem to be supported anymore.

I took a short look into it, and it looks like the problem is with the table rows (tr) attributes. There are ids set while there should be CSS classes. As a hotfix (and clearly nothing more, because it’s not my code and didn’t do a thorough review), you can change that yourself: Go to line 238 in the code. There should be something like tr id=. Change that to tr class=, save it and reload your WaniKani tab.


Wow thank you so much!
You’re totally right. I’m using this script for so long that I forgot, that the worst leeches list was part of it and not of WaniKani basic. The hotfix worked as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also used the fix… works great. Thank you HenningK!