Worried about 略字 (ryakuji)

And I don’t know if you can really call it a 略字 or not, but people like to write circles instead of 口, almost anywhere it might appear, like in 語.

Except not when it’s actually just 口, I think. I can’t recall someone writing the kanji 口 itself as a circle.


I feel like I’ve seen 2 and 11 before, although there’s no way I would have recognized them. Still, some of these are quite cool:

  1. So close to just being オ.
  2. That’s just being lazy.
  3. I mean it’s technically less strokes, but it’s more effort lol.
  4. The top one looks really nice and I would totally be down for replacing 職.
  5. Honestly for something as simple as the day of the week, I’m surprised this hasn’t been simplified. Although I have a special appreciation for 曜, it was the first complex kanji I learned.
  6. This is just like 1 with お, but I’d be down for more curvy kanji.
  7. Removing the 古 is certainly one way to make the kanji new. But nope, too empty and soulless for me.
  8. It just feels wrong to me personally.
  9. I would be down for replacing this one.
  10. This is also a good replacement.
  11. I don’t know why, but I always love seeing complex kanji with the 門 radical. It just looks so good. Like damn look at this one 䦰.
  12. It’s just wrong, 品 is so nicely balanced. You can’t just push those boxes together like that.
    12.5. Same with this one. That simplification is a crime.
  13. I like 魔 too much to change, but it’d be hilarious replacing 摩 with such a literal guide to its reading. There’s no way anyone would mess up the on’yomi.
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5 feels similar to 旺盛(おうせい). Perhaps it depends on context?

2 looks just like an alternate font for , so nothing to worry about.

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