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Hi everyone,

I am writing for the very first time here and actually so happy to do it because I finally found something worthy enough to be shared.

We all have different goals while learning japanese but after a Working Holiday Visa in Japan :airplane: (prematurely cut short by the global crisis) I realised I would do anything in my power to return there and live a part of my life in this beautiful country. :jp:

And this is where my journey to learn japanese began. As any other selflearner, I spent hours and hours to compare methods, textbooks, websites … and it was long but worthy. But I still wish I would have some help in my research.

If you are in the same mood, the next paragraph might be interesting for you :slightly_smiling_face:

The residency status of “Specified Skilled Worker” started in April 2019, is getting wider in terms of Industries/Jobs eligibility year by year. The Japan Foundation has created a new test JFT-Basics that seeks to measure the level of Japanese language proficiency needed by foreign nationals about to reside in Japan mainly for work, to communicate in everyday life situations.

Based on that new test, and starting from 2019 they kept uploading/updating some new resources to help people to prepare themselves for the exam or generally to learn japanese.

This is mostly for beginners but I personnally think that they are doing an incredible work:

For online courses =
Minato, I started with this = Level A1 and A2 available, great videos, explanations, easy to follow at your own pace.
Irodori, brand new for A2 only for now but an App is available and connected to your progression through the course.

For textbooks =
Irodori, A1 and A2, with downloadable content (dialogs, vocabulary).

And cherry on the cake :cake: , all of these is totally FREE, so thank you Japan Foundation to help us reaching our goals.:clap: :clap: :clap:

Well, I hope that could help some of us and I wish you the best in your journey. Keep working and one day you will be rewarded. 頑張てください。

For more information about the status or JFT-Basics:
Specified Skilled Worker Program


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