Words cannot describe my frustration with this review

But a picture can, I suppose…

Guess I’m waiting until 2 February.


Ouch. Most of us can probably relate…

But at least you should have some vocabulary lessons waiting for you from all the other kanji that just became Guru? Something to keep you busy until then. :slight_smile: (Not that we would ever run out of things to do thanks to studying Japanese…)


I’ve got a word to help you express frustration: eGoooott.


I see. So many guru items. So many leeches.

Now I don’t see. What are you waiting for until Feb 2nd? Lowering Guru items?

Level up. Still stuff to do in the interim.

Also, truly no reviews for right now. I can dive into new items that unlocked, but that will also wait until Saturday. Want to be able to give it my full attention so that reviews down the road go smoothly.

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