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Alrighty! So I was spending a bit of time admiring that Crabigator/Kappa/Daruma art at the bottom of the Dashboard on Wanikani, and I thought to myself: “What if Wanikani added some Japan-themed Wallpapers that could be unlocked over the course of level completion?!?” And so I then began to brainstorm some wallpaper ideas that I thought might be cool. I’ve though of only these seven below:

  1. Sakura Theme🌸! - Dashboard: Bunches of Sakura trees with leaf-covered branches ranging from the top to the bottom, with the WK Trio (Crabigator/Kappa/Daruma) at the bottom stretched out on the ground in the shade of the trees with Cherry blossom leaves gently falling upon them. Lesson/review page: A display of the tops of the Sakura trees, blanketed by warm sunlight, with a mildly misty Mt. Fuji in the background!

  2. Feudal Japan Painting Theme! - Dashboard: I suppose just typical Feudal Japan paintings (You can look them up if you are unsure what they look like), you know, Temples, Sakura trees, calligraphy, Samurais and Geisha people. And then the WK trio making mischief! Also, the paintings will have a nice aged look, like they have survived through the centuries. The Lessons/review page will be of the same caliber.

  3. WK Manga Theme🔥! - Dashboard: I’m not too knowledgeable on Manga, but I think I have a pretty general idea. Imagine a Daruma and Kappa dash into an oriental temple towards a large Crabigator kneeling before a large statue of a Kanji.
    Daruma: (Imagine in a middle-aged, brave man voice) “Sensei Crabigator! The WK Training Temple is under attack!”
    Crabigator: (Imagine in a rough, aged voice) “Oh! And by whom?”
    Kappa: (Imagine a nervous, young female’s voice) “I-it looked like Sensei K-koichi!”
    Loud explosions sound from outside the temple
    Daruma: “I’m not sure if any of us alone have the power to stop him!!!”
    The temple doors burst open, and in walks a student (That’s you!)
    You: (Imagine in your own voice) Perhaps we can save the temple, but we’ll need to do it together!”
    Sensei Crabigator nods
    *Scene changes to outside the main temple, where smoke fills the night sky. Many oriental buildings are in flaming ruins, their are fellow students fleeing the sight in terror. In the center of the courtyard, a levitating Koichi cackles with malice! Dark pink energy flows around him, taking the forms of the most difficult Kanji! His eyes gleam bright red!
    Daruma: “Oh no! He’s gone mad with Kanji!”
    Kappa: “What a-are we going to do?!?”
    *You three stand in the courtyard, flaming buildings encircling the clearing. Koichi levitates, all the while still cackling! You three stand all cool, hair blowing in the wind. Lessons/reviews: An epic fight scene occurring after what I just wrote!
    Anyway, that’s all I got on that theme. The whole thing is drawn in a manga style, with the separate boxes, dramatic speech bubbles, no voices of course, and the whole thing in Japanese (You need to do your reviews in order to understand what they’re saying!

  4. Sushi Theme🍣! - Dashboard: Tons of adorable wittle sushi with different expressions on their…faces? They are all spaced apart and at different angles, no two being the same. Lessons/reviews page: A long conveyor belt with happy little sushis aboard! The conveyor belt leads to the Carabigator’s open mouth! DUN DUN DUN!

  5. Bamboo Forest Theme🐼! - Dashboard: Dozens of bamboo plants stretching up from the top to the bottom of the page with bits of light piercing through their branches and warming the forest floor below. The WK Trio walk the path at the bottom of the page, stunned by the beauty of the Unique forest. How breathtaking! Lessons/review page: Still in the bamboo forest, but with some Pandas munching on some bamboo. How cute!

  6. Vertical Temple Theme :fireworks:! - Dashboard: A vertical temple (The one on that ever-popular Picture of Japan) Stretches from the bottom to the top of the page (It is the outside of the temple. Their are lanterns dangling down from the roofs, lighting up the Temple’s many layers with a warm orange glow (it is night out). Lessons/reviews page: It shows the tops layer of the temple, overlooking a lit city and the shadow of Mt. Fuji in the background. There are also fireworks popping up into the night sky (Seems like some sort of ceremony, perhaps the ceremony of your level 60 completion)!

  7. Urban Japan Theme🌃! - Dashboard: It shows the lit up streets of a city, buildings towering towards the top of the page! It is night, and Bright neon lights illuminate the shop filled alley. It is also raining, and the neon lights light up the puddles with multiple hues of bright colors.
    Lessons/reviews page: The cities rooftops stretch out a s far as the eye can see, until nights darkness conceals the farthest structures. Large skyscrapers stick out hear and there, and the busy streets are lit up from the neon lights and vehicle lights within them. It is also night.

Anyway, that’s as far as i’ve got. Sorry if that is a little long. I was thinking that wallpaper could be unlocked from the completion of levels so please list the order of which you think these should be unlocked. If you have any more ideas, criticisms, comments, or random declarations, please comment down below. I look forward to reading your feedback, and I hope this gets noticed by a member of the WK team. Thanks much!


This gorgeous koichi would be a great addition to my Wanikani page




Haha, agreed!

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I made this art for Theme #3!!!


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