WK Tour (hello everyone)


Hi everyone! I just finished my grand tour of WK, it looks great! However, I think there should be a way to re-trigger the tour in case I need to view it again… or is there already a way to do that?


For the older users who’ve never seen the tour, I’ve (sloppily) pasted it together here:

I don’t know how to re-start the tour once you’ve done it tho, it doesn’t look like I have any option to look at it…


Good timing! I think this is a relatively trivial change and would be beneficial to everyone, especially new users. I’ll tag @koichi and @viet so they could consider this idea.


Omg that looks amazing


You just say that because it’s pink.




Y-you look amazing!


…the bright pink honestly hurts my eyes looking at it, so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t have to.




That was our prize for learning the hard way. Back in the day. Now these new kids get a tour. But at what price…?


To my knowledge you can only get the tour once, they may change that at some point. But in the mean time most of your questions should be answered in the FAQ or Guide, or by us!


“Back in my day, we had to build fire by striking two Lithium-ion batteries together!”


But Kumi likes purple.


I don’t remember ever getting this tour xS


Wow! I didn’t know that was a thing!

That crying turtle, at the start, though…

… Poor guy. (BURN HIM!)

… Awww…


lol, i didn’t even notice… now I feel bad…