WK Spacing System, Paying to Wait

Well, if you can maintain the roughly seven day pace for levels and it feels slow, that says more about your ability than the site I think. Most people find it pretty tough.


I just think it’s that this leveling system is very limiting, If they would allow you to choose your own pace it would be great.

They’ve stated their case with regard to the system and the pace plenty so I won’t rehash it. I do think the percentage of people who would choose a pace faster than the current max would be pretty small. It’s already a small percentage who go at max pace now.


Maybe you’re right, but it could be that the current method to go at max pace doesn’t reap many benefits and is too hard to achieve because of the way the system is built. But I don’t know, I haven’t tried any other way except Anki which wasn’t very good.

I am now at day 280 of my Wanikani journey and I have learnt 5562 items so far, which makes an average of about 20 new items per day. And don’t forget that each one of these items comes back in at least 8 reviews (or more if you make errors) until it gets burned.

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Worth mentioning that Wanikani does allow for a good speed, if you worried about efficiency. You can read my Guide for Wanikani in order to understand why things are the way they are on WK and how to maximise your results with it :ok_hand:


can i please go back to this pace… please?


Stages of despair:

  1. Do all your lessons the same day.
  2. Do 20 lessons a day.
  3. Do 15 lessons a day.
  4. Do 10 lessons a day.
  5. Install lesson limiter because your workload is still out of control.
  6. Do 5 to 10 lessons a day if lesson limiter allows it to limit workload.
  7. Limit yourself to 20 reviews per hour to limit workload, again.
  8. Punch your table in anger as it has been 2 days in a row that lesson limiter has denied you more lessons and that you cannot beat 50% accuracy.

(I’m not a good example for speed, i’m slow, very slow, I refuse to use reordering scripts, or correction scripts because I TOTALLY DIDNT MEAN TO WRITE THIS OBVIOUSLY GIMME BURNED, I also have a fulltime job and an array of hobbies, so that gives you an idea)

As you can see from my graph, things slows waaay down 3rd/4th month and by the 1 year mark you engage actual glacial speed, this workload gives me about 200 reviews a day. I know some people claim passing levels in 3-4 days, I don’t think those are real, or they are skipping vocabulary. (Which, frankly is the only thing that matters and should be required to level up IMHO)

The fact vocabulary doesn’t count also means that i always clear levels with 30-70% of that level’s vocabulary still in my lesson queue.


How do you see that from a profile, out of curiosity? I reset, but I can’t remember what level I got to before I did - I’m mildly curious to remind myself, but don’t see it anywhere on my own profile.

I personally think this is a bit harsh, considering some people can spend basically infinite amounts of time on things like Wanikani, but you do have a point. Even in level 4, I end up with dozens of reviews before even starting the next level’s radicals.

Have you heard of the “fast levels” where there aren’t enough radicals that you can simply get >= 90% kanji to guru within 3d 10h?


Better, wait until level 20 hits you.

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@jprspereira or others, note that as previously mentioned, 41 is not a fast level anymore. You only get that kind of fun at Level 42+ now.

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It’s not fake :3


You could theoretically perform Level 1 at that pace, too.


The other day was my birthday so I didn’t wanna do any reviews. I asked myself “do I wanna wake up tomorrow with 200+ reviews”?

I said no, so I went into vacation mode for a day. And I’m only a few levels above you, so trust me. Once those gurus and enlighteneds start rearing their ugly heads, you never have any peace with this damn site. >_>


Honestly, keeping my apprentice stack at 100 at most and not rushing lessons just to get back to that cap seems to do wonders to my retention, though having more free time than I know what to do with helps a lot, too.


Yup, forgot to remove it from that section :scream: すいません Will fix it.



WHO’S A GOOD ロボちゃん!!賢い、賢い!


You can use anki to learn ahead during the slow levels. There are wk decks out there.

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