WK somewhat slower than usual?

There was some downtime a while ago (2-3 weeks? your server operator issue?), it was resolved but ever since the WK seems to be slightly slower to load main page and review summary (thus getting to actual study takes a little bit longer). It’s not like it takes minutes but it’s definitely a noticeable couple of seconds to actually bug me =,= (and it was blazing fast/instant all the years back!)

I can’t say I’m aware if it is or is not slower, but consider that the new Extra Study page could be adding load time.

Are you using any scripts? Sometimes I’ve found that those can slow WK down a bit

The database queries that are needed for Extra Study did add some extra load time to the dashboard. The engineering team has a solution in progress to speed it up again, but it’s taking a few days to generate some new data for everybody’s accounts before the solution is ready to be turned on.

tl;dr: It should speed up in the next few days.


thanks for confirmation :slight_smile:

@meagstudies yes I do use a couple but those are loaded asynchronously after the page already loaded. What I observe is that I have blank page slightly longer than usual :slight_smile:

OK, this is how it looks at my end:

https://files.unir.se/f/7a3d8c52ff904452bebf/ (sorry, can’t upload it here for some reason).

So it takes ~20s to load dashboard (when I open it once every hour to do reviews). Subsequent refreshes are “instant” (~900ms, like before). I do hope that @TofuguRob 's queries issue fix would solve it <3 (seems also like a caching problem? because subsequent requests are fast.

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