WK please stay consistent with reading explanations for vocab

No idea if this can be called a rant or not:
I really wish that WK should be more clear and stay consistent at pointing out irregularities.

Vocabulary lv 11
見事 - People will assume: its a jukugo word so it should be on’yomi for both. Easy:


WK Reading explation:
The readings for this word are both kun’yomi readings. […]
見事 - みごと ,
no mention of being an exception nor that koto gets rendaku’d to goto.

A lot of vocab for 事 are jukugo words which use the onyomi reading so 見事 is not intuitive and should be highlighted. My issue here is that this happens often, meaning some vocab need an updated explanation. I would not post this, if it were just this one.


I certainly relate to your post.

However, as I kept progressing through the levels, the importance of onyomi and kunyomi took a backseat in my mind because I never found them that helpful. When I was level 10-15, I had a much better idea of the onyomi and kunyomi readings for the kanji I knew at that point. Now, if someone were to randomly pick a kanji and ask me the on or kun reading of that kanji, I would not be able to respond. I would however know what answer WK expects for it (albeit with around 85% accuracy) and how to read the words using it (the ones covered by WK) if I encounter them in a sentence. I rarely read the vocab reading explanations anymore. The SRS does its job eventually.

All the best with your studies; I hope that this doesn’t frustrate you too much.

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