WK Payment Suggestion

I joined WK one year ago and have reached level 12. Some people reach level 60 in the same amount of time, but like you say, we all learn differently at different paces. And one thing is for sure, I’d still be at level zero now if it weren’t for WK and the way it is set up. It may feel slow in your first few days, but, believe me, that will change!


Great to know…

I still like my OP but from what most are saying, speed almost becomes a moot point later on so…

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I made an account in June 2017 but didn’t actually start using WK until January 2018, then did a complete reset in late July 2018 because of life. So yes I’m happy with my nine levels in nine weeks.


Meanwhile, let’s remind ourselves that Japanese is not just about doing Wanikani :slight_smile:


When you say “lesson”, do you actually mean “level”? In WaniKani context, a lesson is a single radical, kanji or vocabulary item.

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I think it would be nice to pay for individual levels but still have to do the SRS. So once you pay for a level you haven’t unlocked you still have to earn the unlock but you don’t have to pay for it monthly. It could be priced competitively with the monthly subscription.
A monthly subscription is $9 a month I think and you can possibly level up every 7 days, that means you can do 4 levels in a month if you go fast. To be competitive while still practical business wise they could price each level at around $4. This way if you take maybe a couple weeks per level you are being more cost efficient with your time and can do it more at your pace, meanwhile they are making more money per level.
I also think it would be nice to implement a lifetime pay reduction depending on how many levels you have unlocked, if they haven’t already.

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It can’t be less than 5.3$ per level, or it would be cheaper to buy all levels individually instead of a lifetime subscription.


It’s all about the JLPT isn’t it?


at lvl 7, i get 1-2 batches of 60-70 a day. i did see some over 100 already, when the earliest levels came backfor the master check, and they won’t stop returning just yet.

when i first did wk, i made it to somewhere in the 20s. 150er batches were normal, with occasional 200ers.
batches occur 1-2x a day. 500 items a day is where it will peak, if you never slack off.

Wait till you get 200+ reviews every morning. You’ll be delighted, I guarantee.

When you get to higher levels, the time in between reviews becomes shorter, as you have more to review.

Hah. That was my thought exactly on reading the OP. “You want to spend $26,412 on WaniKani?”


These pay-to-win models are getting out of hand.


Oh, boy, let me tell you a story. I played Angry Birds 2 for a while on the iPad, until I got bored of it. If you buy the premium currency (with real money), you get bonus points. Get enough bonus points, and you get bonus rewards. To get the top tier of bonus rewards, you need to buy the most expensive currency pack a hundred times, for a total of sixteen thousand dollars.


Can I jump on this thread and also suggest conbini payments for those that live in Japan?

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I see your $16K and raise you to $27K

Star Citizen

That graphic… well not to beat a dead horse nobody cared about anyway, but it’s really under my skin for some reason. That graphic doesn’t mean what it’s being used to mean. I guess it’s not wrong, but “workload” is a misleading label.

That’s a graph of the number of items currently in the system. The vast majority of those are NOT “workload”, they’re unavailable in wait states for future reviews. And it looks like that’s an old version, it really looks like this (I just recalculated it):

[standard assumptions, fastest, no failures, etc.]


I made a reviews/day graph some time ago, too lazy to add a “you are here” arrow :slight_smile:

It’s 20 lessons per day, no mistakes, reviews twice daily. [You see more spikes and 350+ reviews with reviews as fast as possible, but you need less than a year instead of 466 days.]


Yeah! That green is roughly the same shape I got.