WK Level Not Updated Correctly

I’ve been on level 10 for a little over two weeks now, but my Community number still says 9. Any ideas why?

Have you tried logging out and logging back in?


I had not. Now I have, and it’s fixed. Why would I ever log out? I love it here.

Thank you for your help.


Tell me about D&D :wink:

A bunch of people gather to tell stories and have a good time. Occasionally you roll dice to determine who wins and who loses. The game can go on for hours, enriching your life or ruining your mood depending on how the dice roll. Oh wait. Is that D&D or craps? Is everyone arguing about which version is better and “rules as written” versus “rules as intended”? If so, that’s D&D.


I’ve been having the same problem, actually, but I tried logging out and it didn’t help. I’m supposed to be level 5, but it keeps displaying as 4. :confused:

Are you logged into multiple devices?

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I’m level 31, but showing 30. Just assumed that since I haven’t yet done a single lesson from 31 yet (and don’t plan on it for some time) that’s I’m in a weird limbo state. Finished 30, but haven’t ‘started’ 31. :man_shrugging:

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I have that happen with WKStats, so you may be right.

Ohh, I am logged in to multiple devices. I’ll have to try that later. Thanks!

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