WK Leech Items



tl;dr: This script automatically “passes” and item that you’ve gotten wrong 3 times in a review session.  It’ll downgrade like it would if you cheated.

This script may exist in some form or another.  I’d be surprised if it doesn’t, but…

WK Leech’s came out of my irritation at getting 7 or 8 items in a review “block” that I just couldn’t seem to remember even after peeking once or twice.  It tends to happen when I’ve taken a few months off due to life, and it completely kills my motivation to come back…

So, I spent a few minutes and hacked together this ugly piece of javascript.  It will pass an item if you get it wrong times in a review session.  Just the question (ie reading or meaning) being asked, it won’t completely clear the item unless you get both wrong.

Issues? Drop in the IRC channel, issue on github or a pull request. I don’t use the forums.  I’m linking this as a courtesy and I probably won’t check this thread unless an irc denizen tells me to.