WK-learning for the whole family

Wanikani is turning into a learning tool for my whole family. My kids like to whisper the Japanese answers in my ear (and occasionally input them if I get up during a review session) until I tell them to say the answers in English and that slows them down. And this week there have been 2 instances where my Jp husband has declared that the word I just spoke aloud (I tend to read the words out loud before inputting) wasn’t a real word until I showed him the computer screen, he searched the word himself, and then apologized for doubting me. So even he’s learning some new words too!





I’ll mention 里心 to him in the morning.

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Aw people don’t know/use 含意? That’s sad. I think the kanji combination is really clever.


I think so too.

I will only say that HE has never heard of it. I can’t say whether it applies to the general population.

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