Wk down right now?

seems like it


Yeah, it doesn’t load for me either… :thinking:

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It is indeed down, we’re currently looking into it and will update when it’s back up.


Is it not because @tofugu-scott is reloading the instance and/or checking some data by any chance?

No. Our server provider is having an outage. I am monitoring the situation.


Oh good it’s not just me…

Me just patiently refreshing knowing my level up reviews are about to become available… :sob:

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Yeah, just got here to check because I wanted to knock out some reviews before the next round… I’ve got about 50 loaded up for the next hour iirc… I should not be mass processing lessons, I thought I learnt my lesson, hit the serotonin from seeing that level up banner is too strong


We are back online. Our hosting provider is still working on the issue, and I will continue to monitor the situation. Thanks for you patience.


We were back online for a moment, but we are offline again. I will report back once the hosting provider has confirmed they have fixed the issue.

Edit: 2:

And we are back again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Seems down again?

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And we are down again.

For me as well.

Me too. ——————

same! :confused: Might just have to go to bed soon and count the turtles piling up in my sleep…

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same here as well

Looks like it’s back up now!


API might still be down, Smouldering Durtles not syncing (I know it’s an unofficial app, this is just what I’m experiencing)

Mine just synced

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Yep =/ Not looking forward to all those reviews waiting for me when it’s up!

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Here I am trying to make my morning reviews and the site is … not cooperating …

Yeah it keeps going down. Oh it’s back up again… for how long this time I wonder?