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Probably a dumb question and probably answered multiple times, but I didn’t see it.

The displayed level on my avatar is always 1 level lower than the actual level, except there was one point in the lower levels when my displayed level was my actual level. Is there a point when you have guru’d enough items in a level before advancing that the displayed level on your avatar is up-to-date?

When people hit 60, does their displayed level update right away, or do they have to guru everything in their level first? Just trying to understand how this works.

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It takes a while for it to update on its own. You can force it to update by logging out and logging back in again


Ohhh geez, that’s easy and silly. Thanks!

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Actually, that’s a kind of an urban legend :joy_cat: It will update on its own when you level up to the next level only. (Even if you wait for months, it will not update automatically except when you log out, as you described.)
In other words, it always trails behind and displays the level you had before you changed your level last time. (Usually through level up, but the same applies as well for resets, as I recently discovered. I reset twice in succession, and it traced that neatly.) I already sent an email to WK long ago but they never acted upon it. :woman_shrugging:


Ah, I suspected that might be the case, but I haven’t leveled up in a long time so I echoed what other people have been saying


Nicely worded there - covers both cases equally well

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