WK Customizer - Reviews Timeline, Pairing, and Sorting

Neither of those scripts work either. And when I am on the Dashboard page, GreaseMonkey doesn’t show the scripts as active on that page. The timeline thing worked two days ago…and I haven’t done anything, like install other scripts. Baffling. How can I test for the problem?

Never mind. I found the problem. For some reason, Firefox was signing onto http:// instead of https:/

Weird. Thanks so much!

So, I just installed this and have noticed two errors right away:
1) In Incognito mode, I can’t get to the customizer. It tries to go the the extension page,
chrome-extension://pndpijolbflkifbnjcnjdodbemndgmng/options/options.html but returns the message
The functionality works fine when not in Incognito mode.
(nb - I haven’t read the whole thread to know if this has been previously reported)

2) Once I’ve opened the customizer in a regular session, under the section “Reviews and Lessons”, there is a duplicate entry of
During reviews, sort current level Kanji to the front of the queue”.
I’m guessing that one of the two means to read ‘Vocab’, but I don’t know which one.

I appreciate the added detail this brings to the WK page.  Thanks for writing it. =)

Amejanai said...1) In Incognito mode, I can't get to the customizer. It tries to go the the extension page,
I assume you've checked the box "Allow in Incognito" in the Extensions settings panel?

I stopped using Customizer a while back, I think because it was no longer maintained and had started showing some problems.
But I think all of its features are available as a handful of separate (and improved) userscripts:

- WaniKani Lesson Ordering II
- WaniKani Level Review Order
- WaniKani Override (was that one of the features??? Can't remember)
- WaniKani Timeline

There may be others, but I don't use them, so I can't remember.  Anyway, the current "New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps" is here:

rfindley, indeed, the tool is working fine in Incognito mode.  If it is no longer supported, then I’ll check out other tools, instead.  Thanks for the heads up. =)

It’s such an Injustice that this Talented Person has stopped using WK… sigh

it’s already removed from the Google Chrome Extension…
too bad, i did use it for a long time but i uninstalled it yesterday by mistake :frowning:

This extension is not longer present, as of 2017-07-17, in the Chrome web store. 

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