WK Context Sentence on 留守

Hi all,

Recently I got to learn the vocab 留守 with meaning “away from home” or “absence”.

But I got confused with the first WK example sentence where the word seems to mean “house sitting”. To me, this is the opposite of “away from home”. English is not my first language, am I missing a context here?

I know by reading this forum that many people said not to rely too much on WK Context Sentence examples.

I hope anyone can help me with an explanation.

Thank you!

It means both “away from home” and “house sitting”

However, 留守番 strictly means “house sitting”. Worth remembering for later words.

The common thread is that the owner of the house is away, in either meaning.

But you could email them about adding the housesitting meaning specifically.

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Thank you! I got confused and straight asking to the forum. Forgot to check jisho.org! Haha.

Ah, that makes more sense! And easier to remember.

I think I’ll email them. Thank you!

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