Will User Scripts/plugins (WK heatmap, Dashboard Progress, Open Framework) continue to work on Apple Silicon Macs?

I know that transition is coming up and thinking about upgrading, but every WaniKani plugin breaking would be a pretty big drawback for me :sweat_smile:

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Since it runs in the browser, I don’t think there would be any difference, and I’m guessing that chrome will be available from the day one of the release of those macs. I think that the chrome for apple silicon is going to support the desktop extensions.

You should only have to worry about the applications that are installed.

Anyway, are you sure you want to upgrade to a mac? I’d really consider going for another laptop, maybe waiting the new generation of laptops with ryzen 5xxx. You are going to get a lot more power for less money.

Ah, I see.
I use Final Cut Pro for my video editing and have a pretty deep collection of plugins and motion templates for it (who knows if those are going to survive as well though lol) so in general I’m looking at Macbooks for the time being. However, I’m not in desperate need of anything new so I’ll probably give it a couple of months.
But yeh, they are criminally expensive for how poorly they perform compared to Windows laptops.

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chrome isnt the only browser supporting wk addons, it’s also an evil browser (chrome itself, not chromium or derivatives)

Care to elaborate on the evil browser part?

the scope of the issue goes much further, but generally it seems a lot of chrome users still sign-in to the browser itself, have mobile voice search always enabled, or normalize the ‘nothing to hide’ fallacy (plus most people dont go through the options of the apps or OSs they use while chrome is set to not so friendly defaults)

it’s closed-source software from the same company that scans most people’s emails, that hosts/scans most people’s videos, that logs most people’s gps locations, that harvests wifi names by location while driving by, that pushes its own web standards or web development quirks, etc

dont forget the distinction, “chrome” the closed source browser, not “chromium” the open source broser or others based on it like opera/vivaldi/brave/edge (but some others might have similar issues, especially edge)

EDIT: you’re still free to choose to use it of course, just make it intentional

My recommendation is to use Brave if you are already comfortable with chrome. It’s a chromium-based browser with a lot of privacy options.

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