Will there be any more sales soon?

Forgive me o Great Crabigator. I had just signed up to a lifetime of indebted servitude to you when I was suddenly snatched up in a swirl of dastardly schemes attempting to pry me away from your loving, but firm claws. First, it was the Pimsleur Pirates stating I need to pay their ransom if I ever I’d be able to utter a word of the sacred language. Then, as I escaped their overpriced ship they fired hefty (but utterly ineffective) Rosetta Stones from their blustery cannons as they cursed all things Crabigatorial. It seemed that my only chance now would be to escape in a JapanesePod and head to the dark and forbidding planet of Anki where I’d slave away on the free, but meager scraps of leftover user-generated content all alone in a cold crater of indifference with no sign of community…

But then I realized it was just a dream. I had indeed laid hold of the ultimate prize of lifetime membership. How could I ever even ask for more? Then… a New Year’s email with encouragement, inspiration, and even a sale of tantalizing 4500 practice sentences… Would I take on such a challenge even after just purchasing the big deal?? Could I??? Would I??? I shall!!! Payday is upon me and I will take up this gre–SCREEEECH (record scratching…)

I hung me head down in shame. I’ve failed thee. Your level 23 apprentice deserves his 罰, for the sale has already set sail.

I shudder even as I ask–Shall it ever be $10 again??


That was much better written than the tweets of the “leader of the free world”.


Wait. What?

Ahh, but what fun are headgames if they don’t mess with people’s heads? It’s like injecting spam mail into the media’s collective brain… and they click on it every time.

But as for the thread topic:

Sales only come once a year, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to email tofugu and ask if they’ll please take your money :wink:


I know your feels.
I first discovered this wonderful magical mastery just after last years sale.
And no matter how I looked at it, paying the lifetime at full price was worth it rather than buy a year and do it then. So I gave them the full worth on the lifetime, and it was absolutely worth every penny! =D

I was lucky enough to grab the practice sentences on sale though =)

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Oh please don’t I come here because its a non-political bubble.


Haha! No politics here – just my passive aggressive attempt at soliciting the favor of the WaniKani higher-ups. I’m sure a direct email would be in order. :slight_smile:
As an afterthought, I love how the WaniKani community is so responsive. This was a first post for me and I was delighted at everyone’s clever responses. Until the next time – TURTLE UP!


Is that a question?

We’re not always this clever. It’s the beginning of a new year, so everyone is on top of their game. It will dwindle down throughout the year and by December you’ll be wondering if we’re all actually potatoes instead of people.


Haha! Well, it seems there is plenty of wit to go around still. Keep it up! Staying lighthearted will help in this massive endeavor that is WaniKani.
And hopefully come December, we may very well be posting in Japanese. :grinning:

Did it end in a question mark?

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Donald Trump. Great president or the greatest president?

eh, just send us an email and generally our support staff is pretty reasonable


My goodness! You guys run a fun company! I love that even the creators wander around the forums. :slight_smile:
I’ve been so impressed with WaniKani and the personal touch you guys bring to your brand. It’s kookiness and quality all rolled together! Thanks for the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve donated in making this much needed learning tool. Truly, it’s been the missing link for my journey into Japanese. I pray blessings over all of you and your families.

And, yes, I will humbly submit my offer to your support staff – but y’all have to eat so I’ll understand either way. :wink:

Enough talk – time for studying!

Sound like a question for the poll thread!

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