Will the 20.000th forum (overall WK?) member be celebrated?


According to this page, we are closing in on 20.000 :confetti_ball:


that’s just people who have written something in the forums, actually


And some of them are extra, dummy accounts…
(I’m looking at you, Easter Bunny.)


Where are all there people posting? I for sure haven’t seen 19k unique people here (눈‸눈)


hmmm, how come I don’t see any posts for some of them?


no clue ¯\(ツ)


You don’t need to post anything to get that badge, do you?

So either they dont care about the forums a lot or we have an absurd amount of lurkers.


Happy Birtday! :tada::tada::tada::cake::gift::gift_heart::balloon::tada::tada::tada:


Thank you!
The fact that I’m not very excited about my birthday makes me feel old :sweat_smile:


I don’t really care for birthdays either, and I’m not old (right?), but other people do so I try to be excited