Will all scripts be updated to account for API v2?

Since no one seems to ask, I will. After the Update from API 1 to v. 2, will there be a way to make the scripts work anyways?

Or will that take an overhaul of each script? Sooner or later something has to happen in order for people to use their favorite scripts with WK.

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It requires the author of each individual script to update their code. Luckily, stuff like wkstats have already been updated.

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Couldnt we manually update it in tampermonkey?

Looking into this, actually…

As @l_l said, every single script using API v1 would have to individually be updated. Someone could of course make their own copy of a given script and convert it to API v2 themselves, but even then they can’t update someone else’s script on Tampermonkey. They’d have to save a new copy to Tampermonkey, which others would have to manually switch over too.

So to this point, no this doesn’t have to happen, and likely won’t for every script. It’s a near guarantee that some scripts will be abandoned when API v1 is discontinued. If a script is popular enough and the creator doesn’t update it, someone else may choose to make a new version of it that works with API v2.


So basically. I can manually update it (Assuming I do so correctly), and of course, that wouldnt affect everyone.


I can repost it with the additions and everyone would have to redownload it anyways. (Assuming that it is correctly done, all props to original creators)

Or this…


Yep that sums it up.

Thanks, seanblue

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