Will 2020 be the year of an EtoEto Update?


Nudge Nudge… Kick… Kick Nudge Combo.


This will be the year for sure!!!

(I’m being sarcastic, of course)

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The last update on EtoEto is no update.


That update was from over a year ago though! I want a no update update at least annually.
Could I at least get a link to like a paypal where I can donate to make EtoEto happen?
Really I just want confirmation that they didn’t give up on the project I guess… and that they still hope that one day it will come to fruition.

actually, reading that, there’s a lot of info in there!
interesting that they overhauled their system because it wasn’t painful enough (so people didn’t learn) ^^

Haha I missed the ‘no update’. The last I saw was this An EtoEto Update

Just logged in and got a badge!!! Too funny :laughing:


etoeto.com does not let you create a new account.

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No, it’s still in alpha. If memory serves, you needed an e-mail invite to get in. Don’t think they’re still handing those out.

Take that:


Please Tofugu, just give us a sign.
Just an update that there will never again be an update,
a sign that “we’re still working on it”
A second closed Alpha
A Beta
A Gamma even…


In the time it takes them to make the program, you can learn Japanese grammar up and down several times. Why wait?


Haha, depends how high up and down you mean I guess…
but either way, my Japanese language journey has been a slow one. I started about five years ago for a fun activity to do with my girlfriend.
I learned a ton of Kanji and vocab and grammar, but the actual speaking and listening was difficult for me to practice in a good way.
Later I moved to Japan for two years, during which time most of my work could be done in English, but some of it was in Japanese. My grammar/ speaking/ listening ability improved, but still only to a barely passing N3 level :slight_smile:

Now I live in America again, but it looks like work might take me back to Japan in 2021, not a sure thing yet, but I’d like to study to improve now in the chance it works out, and if it does my work would actually pay me to study Japanese for a year after arrival :smiley: so… having etoeto during that time would be nice too. Of course I can and do use other tools, I just have a lot of faith in the tofugu crowd because they’ve consistently made pretty good stuff that makes me enjoy studying more.
That and I just get pumped about new releases of anything… I don’t want EtoEto to die in obscurity…
I’m not waiting to study grammar for EtoEto’s release though!


I e-mailed Koichi for an update, and he more or less sent back that 2021 sounds possible, but that we should never count on him in the realm of etoeto or etoeto updates.

Maybe this is now the most recent EtoEto update?


Throwing money at a problem doesn’t really fix it you know.

I agree Tofugu needs to be more transparent about this, especially because of the promises made to TextFugu lifetime users. I even delayed my grammar studies for a few months because I knew something awesome was coming. I do realize that even the best made plans have ways to fail, but I wish Tofugu did more to communicate with us on those.


I’ve got a few problems. I’d be willing to be a guinea pig to test whether throwing money at me makes them go away.

For science!


Outlook not so good


Except… a lot of times it does.
With money you can have more free time to work on it, or hire more people to work on it…
What problem that isn’t fixable by money could there be to make EtoEto not move forward?

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bad planning would be one


Hmm, I guess, but I also think it could be improved with money. Like releasing more time from them to focus on the planning, or hiring someone to oversee the planning better, but I guess it’s true sometimes even with a big budget, the planning can go wrong.

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Having so much money piled on the keyboard that they can’t type.