Why, Wanikani? [Yet another 金玉 thread]

Pffft! That’s the last thing I want to do at work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t want to work! I just want to WaniKani all day!


First time posting on the forums, and this is what you say… I look forward to seeing you around, good sir/ma’am, what a spectacular introduction!


Im having the same thing from the student perspective, everytime it comes up im doing it asap and then look behind me if they saw it, im sitting in the first row so i know what you mean

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Weird. I’ve done the reviews for testicles, orgy, etc. without ever once caring about someone seeing it over my shoulder. :man_shrugging:


:joy: ALT weebs doing WK at tax-funded “work” here in Japan. So…恥ずかしい. :scream:


The “E” in “JET” is for “exchange.” They encourage you to study Japanese if you don’t have some kind of time sensitive thing to work on.


Now, If you try to 検索 said “乱交” you might get a nice message such as this ↓


You beat me to it, was thinking about a reply like this while reading through the thread.


Ohhh I get it! You put work in quotes to imply that literally none of us on the program do any real work. That’s funny! Because everybody has the exact same experience, right? And no matter where or who you are, it’s a worthless experience and waste of money, right? That’s so clever and hilarious, you’re so intelligent haha!

Not to say there aren't major flaws in the system, there definitely are.

However, I very rarely see anyone speak overwhelmingly negative of being an ALT unless they’re the kind of person who puts forth very little effort without having their arm twisted. Don’t have any work? Either find some or make some for yourself.

Don’t wait on someone to hold your hand and hand you a rubric for your responsibilities. Be an actual adult for once. That goes for any job, not just JET and other ALT companies.


I hope the insertion of a Japanese word into an otherwise English sentence while calling other people “weebs” was meant ironically.


I read the blog of one guy on JET who seemed absolutely determined to not enjoy himself. Almost every single post I was asking him in my head “so why are you even there?”


Without getting too spicy in a non-campfire thread, I know of a couple JETs who seem to have stuck around until their 5th year almost entirely out of spite against their CO…

A paycheque’s a paycheque? Idk I love my placement, and I can’t imagine doing what they’re doing.


… Commanding Officer?


I am commander Shepard, and this is my favorite exchange program on the Citadel!

Regarding the topic, I’d like it if WaniKani also added more medical words for testicles, like the ones that were posted before. Slang is also fine, but going to the doctor to talk about 金玉 would just be, well, no.


Contracting Organization, i believe.


True story, I didn’t realize this word was offensive and said it out loud to a Japanese native friend in a crowded restaurant in Shinjuku. Poor thing nearly shrunk beneath the table.


How does that work? I was under the impression that any extension beyond three only happens if you do exceptional work.

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They just do it to test your tickles.


If that’s the case, which I hope it is, I retract my comment and admit that I overreacted. I deal with more people than I’d like to who genuinely hold this opinion about the job, and it’s started to get under my skin.

This was my pred, and he still has a reputation in the area for how terrible he was not just as an ALT, but as a person. It boggles my mind why he ever stayed a 2nd year.

This is a commonly held misconception because it’s so often repeated. The reality is it entirely depends on your CO. Some do strictly 3 as the max, never more regardless of the person, some let anyone with a pulse do 5, some even offer private contracts beyond 5 for outstanding ALTs who want to continue.


Pretty sure I got it from the conditions document I read a few days ago in preparation for my application^^.

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