Why two clicks to reach a review session?

(Please insert any “for me”, “IMO”, or “in my workflow” as required! :slight_smile: )

Something I’ve only just noticed is that it takes two clicks to get from the dashboard to doing reviews. There’s an intermediate step of showing me the stats for my last review session, but that’s only of interest immediately following a review session.

On that page, the button to start reviews is not the most obvious thing on the page, either. if I do need to start reviews via the session review, I’d rather be able to mash a whopping great button in the middle than a more subtle one in the corner.

Thanks for WK!

Hmm, I don’t know, I do sometimes like / need to go back to view that information after quitting the screen (sometimes just because I leave it without thinking), so I wouldn’t want it to be unobtainable.

That said, I do agree that it would be a lot more satisfying to be taken straight to your reviews - and the same with lessons!

And if they’re going to take two clicks to get to lessons, it would be nice if that intermediate page displayed some upcoming information about the lessons, like how many radicals / kanji / vocab there are. I can only see that by starting a session at the moment (or with the hover details script from the dashboard).


I was wondering about this too when I first started. Not sure. I do know that I quite often like to just check the number of reviews (instead of 42+) on my phone, before deciding if I’m actually going to review that moment (I like to do 50+ on my laptop). As for why not a big button? I’d be up for that, too. (though I do like to look at my previous session stats).

$(‘.reviews a’).attr(‘href’,‘/review/start’)

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