Why more reviews at night?

Just to clarify, the time of day at which reviews appear has nothing to do with SRS. Rather, it depends on your schedule - meaning that you can actually tweak it, so that it suits your plans for the day.

You can predict what time your reviews will appear by looking at the chart posted above. Say, if you want the last review of the day to appear by 8 pm, you should do your lessons by 8.59 am - you’ll then get your first review of the new material at 12 pm and the second at 8 pm. The third review will appear at 8 pm the following day, and so on. If you prefer to do your lessons in the evening, try to do them at least 4h before you go to sleep, so that you can catch the first review of the material before going to bed.

Also keep in mind that if you make a mistake, the review for that item will be pushed back one SRS interval. This is why in the lower levels you sometimes get review sessions with just 1-2 items.

If you like, you can use this script to track upcoming reviews. This way, you can prepare for any “review dumps” that might be lurking around the corner :wink: