Why is WaniKani telling me lies?

In my level ten email, they said that I should be burning items now and if I don’t, I soon will. Well, is 4 months soon to you? My first burns are scheduled for May, which is far from being soon!!!

Where are my burns?

In case you didn’t realize it: This is a joke, so go home haters :stuck_out_tongue: I just made this thread out of boredom haha
On a more serious note, I love WaniKani, and it’s doing an AMAZING job at what it does! :heart:


As the years go by, time starts going faster :sweat_smile:
Well, more precisely, each time unit becomes relatively smaller compared to how much you’ve lived :sweat_smile:


Right now, 4 months is sooooo far away…

Which doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy my Japanese learning journey in those four months while I wait for my first burns! :smile: Japanese is an awesome language!


Well, yes — the older you get the sooner 4 months will seem^^;


I know you’re joking around, but it did make me curious about how many lessons per day they’re basing that on.

Given the first 9 levels consist of 1,481 items that have to be learned in order to reach level 10 and the first burn takes ~180 days assuming all correct answers, that would be about an average of 8 lessons per day.

So, I wonder if that is about the average for most users. I would’ve guessed 10, but since they have access to all user data, I suspect the average is probably close to 8.


I only started burning almost at lvl 20

I was not in a hurry so it was a decent pace for me.

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Ahhh, to be young again :grinning:


I feel like I blink and it’s a new Christmas. Or summer, or slippery conditions. Or car.

Stop the ride. :melting_face:


in terms of language learning? 4 months is the blink of an eye. you’re in this for the long haul right?

put it this way, i feel like i was living in japan like a year or two ago, but if i actually calculate it it’s more like a decade at this point…


Indeed, and I agree, it feels like I’ve just started learning Japanese like yesterday, where in reality, I’ve already spent two months with it…

Imma drop some words of wisdom here: “Right now, it might seem to be far away, but if the time arrives, it feels like just a few seconds have passed.”