Why is there no API for unburn/resurrect?

Strong recommendation for Tsurukame — I can’t believe how good it is for being a single developer 3rd party app.

It many ways it’s better designed than WaniKani itself, having taken inspiration from various user scripts that strongly improve the default experience. For example:

  • It’s more like using WaniKani Lightning Mode. Answers appear immediately on incorrect input, which has the net effect of saving a lot of time and extraneous clicks/key presses.
  • When learning new subjects, all information is shown on a single page instead of being broken out across four different tabs. Personally, I find this helpful already (and again saves a lot of clicking), but even more helpful is that it also shows visually similar kanji, giving you an immediate reduction in confusion not available on WK.
  • Bakes in other features like being able to prioritize your current level (so you can do radical/kanji lessons before your vocab backlog), or showing katakana for onyomi readings (helps keep your katakana familiarity up when you don’t see it as often).

I still do most reviews on a computer because WK Lightning Mode is excellent and typing is faster and more accurate compared to a virtual keyboard, but Tsurukame’s a godsend when on the move.

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