Why is the movie 天気の子 "Weathering with you" in English?

As of writing, I am level 7 in WK and my knowledge of grammar is limited to Genki Vol 1.
I would translate 天気の子 to be either:

  • The child of weather
  • Weather’s Child
  • Child Weather

But I can’t understand where “Weathering with you” comes from…

Any ideas?

Movie titles are often not direct translations.


I can understand that.
Is it story related then?

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Because a direct translation of the title is often not an appealing title, at least in the minds of movie marketers. You have to maximize the appeal of the title so that the most people will get interested and watch it.
I’d personally probably choose “The Weather Child” as a title, at least if i wasn’t in the position to decide what makes the most money for it as a product.


I think the “The Weather Child” would be about some news caster :smiley:

Personally I think the translated title is quite good, as in it evokes a bit more feeling, than just directly translating.


Why would a child be a newscaster? ^^ but yeah, i think the official english title is alright, just a bit cheesy, and far from the original. I like the original japanese title better (like most people who know it and can read it, probably).

If you think that’s egregious, wait til you find out how the French rename foreign movies!
The Hangover -> Very Bad Trip
American Hustle -> American Bluff
Silver Linings Playbook - > Happiness Therapy
Pitch Perfect -> The Hit Girls
Heathers -> Fatal Games
No Strings Attached -> Sex Friends
The Boat That Rocked -> Good Morning England

That’s right. Apparently we don’t translate titles. We just give them a different English name, except of course to be pronounced with a heavy French accent.


Japan does this too. Apparently they’re called 外来語 movie titles.

Learned about it from this Dogen video:

Some of the names are absolutely fantastic

edit: and here’s the Tofugu article: https://www.tofugu.com/japan/japanese-movie-title-translations/


Probably it is a mistake of American translators. Btw in Russia the title is correct “Дитя погоды”( The child of weather )


We Germans did this too in the past but it’s becoming more an more scarce. A typical movie title also needed to have a colon and a German subtitle. So for example an original English title like “Agent Orange” became “Final Showdown: Angriff aus dem Dickicht!”


I think it’s mainly just to sound more appealing! Direct translations often sound weird in English so to make them have the same effect in media they localize it to what sounds best


FWIW, “Weathering with You” has been in the title since the beginning (I saw it in theaters in Japan). It’s not a mistranslation. They probably decided on a subtitle ahead of time that sounded better in English because “child of weather” is quite honestly a terrible name for a movie.

“To weather” means riding out a storm or enduring a tribulation. It’s a pretty clever title if you’ve seen the movie.


No it’s not. It’s been a subtitle for the movie since it was showing in Japan. It’s been used on the Japanese trailers for the movie, movie posters and it’s also the same subtitle to be used on the cover for the Japanese Blu-Ray and DVD release.


Not yet. I hope to see it in a cinema soon

It’s not meant to be a translation of 天気の子. It’s a subtitle that always appears under 天気の子. It’s just that the US release is using that subtitle as the main title.


Like “The Weather Man” but a child. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking Storm as a kid


Without giving any spoilers, it’s my opinion that it’s related to a certain part of the story.

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Thanks for sharing! Great watch. Incidentally Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is Tortues Ninja in French.

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At the end of that article they give an honorable mention to Battle Royale. Without a hint of sarcasm, the author wrote

The Japanese made a lot of changes to The Hunger Games when it came to their country. The cast was switched around, the premise was slightly tweaked, and the name was changed to “Battle Royale.”

There’s even Battle Royale books and manga too! Who knew the Japanese loved The Hunger Games that much?

How’d that get passed editing? Battle Royale is a Japanese book/movie that came it around 1999/2000, while the Hunger Games was 2008. If anything, Hunger Games copied Battle Royale.