Why is "lock" used for "ryoku"

I’m just starting out here. For the power kanji, the reading explanation is using “lock” for “ryoku”.

Can anyone explain why? “lock” doesn’t sound remotely like the pronunciation for “ryoku”, unless I’m missing something?

How do you pronounce りょく?
If lock is roku, then ryoku is not that far off, no?


Pretty much any reading mnemonic that is based on an English word is going to be off to at least some degree (and just how much will depend on your accent). Personally I’m not a fan of them in general, but they clearly work for some people.


If it’s really bothering you, you can put ur own mnemonic in the text box below theirs. I find it to be pretty arbitrary tho and don’t think anyone should hardwire themselves to learn “just” through wanikani’s version . After a while I typically forget the mnemonic altogether while still knowing the meaning or accidentally thinking of a new mnemonic thinking that it was the original.


Thanks- yeah I guess I’ll have to. I was just making sure I didn’t miss some weird exception on pronunciation for something.

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