Why is a jlpt5 word in lv 60

I say we turn WK into a single level system. 8792 lessons from the very begining, who’s with me?

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I’m gonna use the reorder script and just do radicals for the first 3 months. Seems like a good use of my time.


No, it’s not.


No. It is not “a good feedback”. It is an embarrassing post. The original question showed a complete lack of understanding of JLPT syllabus. You even loaded your question with an arrogant “WTF”:

However, the responses given to your question were excellent.


I didn’t know the word yet and so I looked it up on jisho.com and there were these tags. I was not searching for lv 60 vocabs that are jlpt5 on purpose.

And yes the kanji itself is jlpt1 and the vocab is jlpt5 so makes total sense.

Guys, I got it! No reason to keep bashing.

When they say vocabulary in that case, they mean mostly kanji combinations and vocabulary that use the kanji, not just rando vocab. The reason is that there are people who learn individual Kanji such as “person” (人) and “two”(二)but may not ever learn “二人”.this is a basic example but as you get further into wanikani you’ll see vocabulary words appear that use combinations of kanji you learned many levels before.

These are teaching the 2000 most use widely used kanji which frankly, all are basic and you haven’t gotten past the basics until well after level 60.

In other regards to the JLPT 5, afaik, the jlpt 5 uses “noisy” as a vocab word, not the kanji. The kanji is tested later. And quite frankly, even if it WERE testing the kanji, you’d still be able to pass the 5 if that was the one word you didn’t know. You don’t have to get a 100% to be considered level 5.

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